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February 02, 2008


Dave DeVries

Great ideas!

There is a process of change required within pastors, churches and believers to experience "missional transformation."

This includes (among other things):
- Seizing Jesus' redemptive mission as your own
- Adopting missional thinking and behaviors
- Removing barriers to missional activity
- Embodying the mission and message of Jesus
- Intentionally exegeting your culture
- Being Jesus to everyone everywhere
- Becoming a disciple-making missionary
- Establishing missional communities
- Multiplying disciples and churches


This type of "missional church" sounds fantastic, but the premise and traits of the mission field referenced is completely wrong.

-These people may be "highly spiritual," but without God, they are also "highly condemned." We cannot praise their spirituality while overlooking their sin nature.

-These people do not like Jesus, but they like their own conceptions of Jesus. If they knew Jesus, like the people in Christ's day, they would crucify Him. Instead, they have their own idolatrous ideas of Him.

-You are right, they probably do not have friends who are "missional." If they did, they would have heard the Gospel.

-These people may be searching for meaning and purpose, but they are not searching for God. The Bible says that no one seeks after God.

We don't need to be culturally relevant to reach people. We need to be obedient in preaching the Gospel to all people. After all, what is more relevant to someone's life than sin, grace, and everlasting life through Christ?


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